Stocking Stuffer Guide: Children

Christmas is almost here y’all!!!

I don’t know about you but in my family, stockings are the pièce de résistance! Therefore, we always buy the most stretchy knit stockings we can find. They have to be able to fit a lot of things, okay. More is more in this case. It is Christmas after all and you know we’ve all been EXTRA good this year.

I feel that by the time everyone gets around to the stockings, they are stumped on what to fill them with. Stockings are literally my favorite part!  They hold all these miniature goodies that you want but never actually buy for yourself.

You’ve spent all this time planning the perfect gifts for your family and by the time you get to what you’d like to put in the stocking, you’re drawing blanks. So to help you out I’ve put together a stocking stuffer guide for your litle ones here. Each numbered item is clickable for easy navigation. (If you’re looking for help with what to put in your significant others, brother, sister, mom or dad’s stocking, I’ve got you covered! Check this post out.)


1. Character Undies
2. Character Socks
3. Toothbrush
4. Finger Puppets
5. Bow Tie
6. Construction Plate and Utensils
7. Bath Crayons
8. Toy Cars
9. Building Blocks 
10. Puzzle
11. Favorite snacks!!!



1. Fidget Spinner
2. Bow Tie and Suspenders
3. Prank Set
4. Funny Pencil Sharpener
5. Bean Boozled Naughty or Nice
6. Character/Festive Socks
7. Finger Lights
8. Batteries – all the battery powered toys and controllers. ALL of them!
9. Literally anything Minecraft 
10. Toothbrush
11. Favorite Movie

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