NYE 2017

It’s New Year’s Eve y’all!!!

I keep replaying how in the world it could already be the last day of 2017.

Mind. Blown.

A plus side? You get to dress up (or down) and PARTY FOOD. YAH YAH. #noragrets ….amiright?

What are y’all excited to eat, to make or to order for tonight?

As for me I’m going to be making the standard sticky meatballs, cream cheese sausage roll ups and my Nana’s recipe for blackberry and peach cobblers. (Are you drooling yet because I am)

This is all IN ADDITION TO the yummy desserts me, my sweet friend, Liza, and her daughter, Ally, made the other night. Ally was such a good helper. She crushed the Ritz for the White Trash Bars. She layered each of the SIX ingredients for the Hello Dolly Bars and then she helped make the from-scratch caramel sauce for the Salted Caramel Butter Bars. (No, she isn’t for hire. I won’t share.)

Is there a special outfit that you have been planning to wear or are you just gonna wing it?

Yes, I planned out my outfit for tonight. Unfortunately that specific outfit will have to wait for another time since Mother Nature decided to make West Texas feel like a deep freeze and my closet isn’t equipped for such weather. I can be flexible though. Which in part might be to all of my newest closet additions. Shh, don’t tell my husband. LOL.

So as I get ready to gather with friends tonight and celebrate the end of one year and the start of another, I’d like to take a minute to reflect on everything that has happened thus far.

Im sure I’m not the only one that 2017 was a doozy for. There was so so much good but also a little of the bad. Without the bad though, we wouldn’t appreciate all the good that gets taken for granted.

Some of the good:
We picked up and moved to a new state.
Started homeschooling Mr. Parker Ryan.
Found a church we absolutely love. Brought our fur baby, Diablo, back on the road with us.
Went on a beach vacation to Panama City Beach, FL with my sister and some of the boys’ cousins.
Visited Universal Studios in Orlando, FL for the first time.
Became a Tough Mudder Legionnaire by finishing my first one in Nashville, TN alongside my childhood best friend.
Welcomed a nephew, Liam, into the world.
Gained a sister-in-law. (Hey Jessie!!)

Some of the bad:
Fracturing my kneecap.
Becoming distanced from once-close friends. (that’s okay though, we all need room to grow sometimes)
Cooper breaking his nose.
Struggled with insomnia and depression.
Decided to homeschool Mr. Parker Ryan.

Lessons learned:
When things get bad, don’t give up the things that make you happy. (example for me is going to the gym)
We want to travel even more often.
-Leisurely that is.
Consistency, consistency, consistency.
Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart.
Invest in yourself. I would scream this from the rooftops if I knew how to get up there because it is that important. Some people would like to tell you that it’s selfish. It’s not. Especially if your heart is in the right place. When you are running around filling everyone else’s cups and don’t take the time to fill some of your own, you cannot be the best possible version of you.

What are your feelings on 2017 as it comes to a close? Feel free to share in the comments and have fun while being safe this NYE!

4 thoughts on “NYE 2017

  1. Taylor that was so well said that I read every word till the end, you are an amazing young lady I wish all the best for the new year I love you and God bless us all .

  2. This post is awesome! Universal Studios was a major highlight of my year, too. But the times we spent just hanging out here at home all together were awesome too! Love y’all! Hope 2018 is the best year yet for our family!

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