Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Whoa! Anybody else ever just sit around casually watching Yu-Gi-Oh! with your boys and get hit by some inspiration? No? Well maybe you should try it sometime!!!

2018 has already deemed itself the year of me pushing myself to try things outside of this box I’ve been comfortably hiding in.

I’ve decided to make a list of activities I’m going to do each month of this year that are either 1. Something I have never done before or 2. Something I feel like is outside of my normal “realm” or makes me slightly uncomfortable in the best way possible.

Too often we create these boxes we feel like we fit in when really no box can contain us. We find ourselves constantly questioning “well why can’t I do that?” or “why can’t I wear that?” The simple answer is you can! You’ve just got to push yourself and stop worrying about how every other person is going to critique you. When you can just be yourself without that evil little voice whispering “you’re not good enough” or “you can never wear that”, amazing things will happen. You do you and things will start to fall in to place.

Here are some things I am going to do this year to help me push past some of the walls I have built around me!

January: Join Crossfit

So long I have wanted to join a crossfit gym and so many times I talked myself out it. Well not this year. This year I am silencing that little voice that puts me down and signed the dotted line. First class coming up at 8:00am tomorrow!

February: Learn to Ski

I really REALLY wanted this title to be “learn how to snowboard” but after my husband informed me that I’d probably leave with two broken ankles I decided skiing it is! Anybody else out there whose name should’ve been Grace? Raise your hand! I am one of the clumsiest people ever. Who knows how I survived and thrived in sports all those years?

March: Visit New Orleans (for the first time)

While there, I will also be competing (for lack of better word because it’s definitely not a competition with anyone other than yourself) in my second Tough Mudder! We were able to book a place right smack dab in the middle of all the action so that we could walk everywhere and just absorb everything. Little confession: I also chose somewhere that we could walk everywhere to so that all the NOLA food we consume can somewhat be justified. Somebody say beignet? COMING!!!

April: Golden Birthday

Just thinking about the fact that I will be 28 on the 28th is already blowing my mind! Know what else is kind of mind blowing? I’m going to throw myself a THEMED birthday party. So often as adults we just kind of drift off into nothingness when it comes to our birthday, all while we spend so much time and effort throwing these amazing kids parties. This year, kids, watch out. Momma is coming through.

May: Be able to play AT LEAST one song on the guitar.

A few years back my husband bought a guitar. He learned fairly fast but often felt that when he would take the time to practice it was also taking time away from his family. Now it just hangs on our living room wall collecting dust. So I am deciding to pick it up and teach myself how to play it just like he did. Maybe then he will realize how silly this notion was and get back into it!

June: Go on Vacation with Friends

Vacations are not foreign to us. My sister and I take our kids each summer to the same beach in Florida and stay for a week or two. I LOVE getting to do this but the kids have spoken and want a change. This year we are going to try something new and go on vacation with a friend and their family!!! When you bring new people into the mix, it helps break up the monotony of doing the same ole thing.

July: Take a Photography Class

This class can be online or in person…. I have yet to decide which route I will go. All I know is that learning new trades make me happy! (It will also help me take better photo content for the blog)

August: Make and Post a Video

EEK! This one makes my palms sweat just typing it out. Once it’s on the list though, there is no going back. This item was also contributed by my lovely husband who knows precisely just how to make me uncomfortable. Again, in the best way possible. I am so incredibly awkward so when you put a camera in front of me it multiplies tenfold. Maybe I’ll make him be in it too just to be playfully spiteful.

September: Take a Family Camping Trip

Growing up in rural Arkansas we often went camping. As adults and parents… not so much. Most of the time when we relocate, we just exist. This year we are also striving to get out and explore around us so this month we will be going on a trip to Big Bend National Park to do just that!

October: Cross an International Border

I have only done this one time(Canada) and my husband has never done this. We are lower 48 prisoners and want to break through lots of borders in the future! I think this month will be Mexico! (Back to taking full advantage of what’s around us)

November: Get my Concealed Carry License

For one, I can’t believe I don’t already have this. I’m a rifle toting southern girl for crying out loud! My husband likes to think he’s funny and said “once you get that your December one should be breaking up a robbery…. you know… because you’ll have a concealed permit then.” INSERT SUPER DRAMATIC EYE ROLL HERE PLEASE! No I do not want it so I can go around town being a unmasked vigilante. It’s more so for the peace of mind.

December: Be more present when visiting home

This one means a great deal to me. Because we live out of state from our family, often we find ourselves running around like chickens with their heads cut off during the holidays. We try so hard to see everyone but it never fails that we leave at least one person disappointed when it’s time to return to wherever it is we are living at the time. I want to be able to just relax and enjoy what time we are getting to spend with friends and family this year instead of only focusing on the time restraints we have.

Alright guys, y’all made it through! I hope by reading how I am going to push myself this year it will also help you make some plans to push yourself in some way as well! Thank you so much for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

  1. Very motivational. As I read the blog, things came to mind that I could be doing even though I’m not a spring chicken! I’m still alive and kicking, and I still have much left to do!

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