If you can’t find me, I’ll be watching…

Alright, prepare your popcorn, hot chocolate and pitchforks. I’m about to share my top three shows I can’t stop watching on Netflix right now and no, Stranger Things is not a part of it. (hence the pitchforks)

1. iZombie – granted this show came out on the CW in 2015, I’m a little late to jump on this bandwagon. It’s about a medical resident that finds being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police. Plus it has the actor who played Clay in One Tree Hill….. swoon.

2. The Office (US version) – A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium. Yes, yes the first few episodes are pretty rough to sit through, but with America’s favorite couple Jim and Pam, big ticket actors like Steve Carell and Ed Helms and plenty of awkward to go around, how can this not be one of the top binge worthy shows? I legitimately reference it on the reg.


3. Zumbo’s Just Desserts- Australian accents. Need I say more? For those of you that said yes, here is what this show is about: Amateur Australian chefs compete to impress patisserie chef Adriano Zumbo with their sweet creations. Those who don’t fit the brief go head to head in the ‘Zumbo test’ to replicate his unique desserts. Its best to have sweets on hand when watching because this show definitely makes you crave them.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Jacob started watching izombie a few years ago & I loved it too! The office is prettt hilarious. Some things are a little too much for me though haha. I haven’t heard of this last one! But I love cooking shows & shows like cupcake wars so I’m sure it would be great! I think I’m about to try & watch it! Thanks!

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