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My name’s Colton, I’m 1/4 of Less Chaos More Coffee and here are some random facts about me.

I love the great outdoors. Since my job keeps me outdoors 6 days a week, I’d say that’s a good thing.

I have to travel (as in move my entire family and all our belongings across the country) pretty frequently for work. For instance I’ve been doing this over seven years and I’ve worked/ lived in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio (3 times and 3 different towns), Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and now I’m back in West Texas for the second time.

As far as sports are concerned; my heart has always been with basketball but since marrying Taylor, football has become a close second. (The girl’s obsessed!) But no matter what season it is, I’m a family man through and through.

Even though I have a nerdy side, I’m just a laid-back country boy from NE Arkansas who enjoys the simple things and always have. I guess that’s why I was drawn to picking up a Bible and figuring my life out according to it. It just makes sense to me that there’s a master plan.

Music used to be a huge part of my life but it has taken a back seat to living a grown-up life for the last ten years. I haven’t written it off for good though. I’ve been picking up and putting down the guitar for five years or so now. Who knows what the future holds?

Very random fact about me: I’m fascinated by trees and tree houses. I’d live in one if I could.

With all that being said, I’ll be doing some guest posts every so often about all sorts of stuff so if that piques your interest, stay tuned!

*Edit: By “guest posts every so often” I mean Taylor told me that when she gets writer’s block, I’ll be doing a guest post. So…stay tuned.*

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